DDC Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

Tile Cleaning: Basic

Pre spray or pre treat which is specifically designed for use on difficult stains and soil found in grout and crevices of tile. With high alkaline builders and all natural De-greaser from citrus this product goes right to work on the toughest stains and soils to loosen them on contact.

As the product begins to dwell and dissolve the soils we use a grout brush to scrub the lines to break up the stubborn areas to give it the best results possible

Then we pair up our gecko tool with our truck mount machine and rinse with high heat (230 degrees) and pressure to remove the dirt oil and stains away from the floor giving it that new look.

Tile Cleaning: Restorative

We do all of that was mentioned above

We then pre spray with viper renew this product will remove what the basic cleaning can’t do from years of abuse and heavy stains. It will be an acid based cleaner that will etch the top thin layer of the grout to remove all the stains caused by the soils.

We then have to rinse the floor again to get the ph to a neutral state when finished with this process.

This will give those heavy neglected floors that best chance to look new once again.

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