Gilbert’s Upholstery Cleaning Specialist!

We use a state of the art hydro force system, that does not inject water into the backing or foam but only cleans the face fiber that needs to be cleaned resulting in faster dry times and spots not wicking.

Home, Office, Motor home, Auto, Boat Service Available!


We apply the appropriate product for the job, then allow to dwell on fabric, and then brush the fibers with a horse hair brush.

We then use our hydro force cleaning to clean and remove the oil build up and stains our upholstery tool does not inject water in the furniture getting it heavily wet and damaging and soaking it taking days to dry. Our special tool only cleanse the outside fibers leaving it clean and dry, so stains do not reappear.

We then “ph7” neutralize fabrics and brush it a final time, to make sure your fabrics stay clean and last longer.

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